Tuesday, December 27, 2005

(Violence, Disclaimer) | Aesthetic

Whereas countless blogs and other productions by my counterparts and, in a way, by myself, have the disclaimer as a footnote of sorts, I am making it the subject of this entry, puncturing it so that it would diffuse from the periphery.

Periphery? What periphery when the disclaimer has been the one amulet worn by so many to ward off danger. It is a necessary ornament, one of the necessities within a myriad of necessities in a most perilous fancy dress party.

All responsible bloggers have a disclaimer somewhere, a disavowal. The disclaimer is, by turns, an act of violent self-mutilation and could, by turns, be redirected as an expressionistic aesthetic.

I attempt to occupy the blind spots in the interstices of the grotesque necessity and disruptively but disarmingly beautiful.

The space is claustrophobic; the thorns of the pierce deep and/but they amalgamate with the self to form a painful new flesh.

One grasps the compass in disarray. One turns everywhere, desperately wondering where away is.

Disclaimer: This entry was written when the insomniac* writer was in a stupor. All characters, events and direct or indirect references, allusions, intertexualities are purely fictitious and written in good humor. Any resemblance to real life characters and events are purely coincidental.

*Disclaimer1: The writer's insomnia, though not clinically proven, is, beyond reasonable doubt, a form of unwanted consciousness.

Oh, the laceration! The pain!

The oh!


Blogger Green Ogre said...

Disclaimer: All I do here is read. And therefore any opinion formed on blogs that already have a disclaimer, shall therefore share that disclaimer. My opinions are not even representative of a single ogre.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Molly Meek said...

Disclaimer: The disclaimer above is just a disclaimer, though no disclaimer is ever just a disclaimer.

3:27 AM  

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